Street Play

New York City

It has been ten years since I last set foot in this city. I leave, butI always come back and, after ten years, my perceptions have increased as well as my visual curiosity. The city has this magnetism; a playground without a border, limits for creativity cease to exist. I force myself to travel light; one Leica and one lens. A hard decision to make. Street photography is the art of capturing life, culture and humanity in a candid manner; it puts you into another state of mind, one that can only happen when you travel. It is only the journey and the direct experience with different people that allow you to open your eyes, and to transform a normal photograph into an unforgettable moment.

New York City is a combination of events that chase each other in a continuous game of shadow and light. I stand apart from the scenes unfolding before me, waiting for that moment I can freeze in time forever. That’s what it is all about; that is the purest feeling in photography.

Published on Rucksack Magazine Vol. 5 “The City Issue”